Albany, NY – The abilities that the University at Albany’s 15-member collaborative called HEARTS will have to expand its work based in practices directly related to groundbreaking discoveries in the areas of neurology and brain science skyrocketed with UAlbany’s announcement of a $300,000 grant award. LaSalle School, Albany is a key HEARTS member and provider of services to youth and families.

Healthy Environments And Relationships That Support – HEARTS – is a collaborative network of 15 nonprofit agencies and health providers concentrating efforts on the Capital Region’s most underserved, high-ACE scoring populations, including children from minority groups, people experiencing disabilities, and homeless people. LaSalle School, Albany ACEs Response logo butterfly AND wordingis a HEARTS partner working closely together with the entire HEARTS coalition to advance brain science research and treatment practices.

This sizable grant award came as a result of HEARTS selection for the national project called Mobilizing Action for Resilient Communities (MARC). In a December 2014 press release launching the MARC initiative, the Health Federation of Philadelphia announced that $4.8 million from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and The California Endowment would fund well-established coalitions and partnerships chosen for the MARC project. Those chosen would have a demonstrated history of working together to reduce childhood adversity and promote resiliency among diverse populations of all age groups. UAlbany’s HEARTS initiative is one of 14 communities across the country selected for MARC.

“The HEARTS initiative was selected for MARC because it represents an outstanding model for how communities can use research on ACEs to engage and mobilize action. We look forward to sharing their best practices and learnings as we work together to create just, healthy, and resilient communities through the MARC project,” said Leslie Lieberman, MARC director of Philadelphia.

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