Albany, NY – UPDATE: The three video segments have been posted. Click the links below for more on this series.


Time Warner Cable News (Cable Channel 9), the Capital Region’s 24-hour news station will showcase Albany’s LaSalle School and its approach to the study of brain science and informed clinical treatment as part of a three-day series beginning Monday, November 23rd.

The featured segments have been in production for several months, and stem from work initiated this spring during which LaSalle board members and staff participated in a special event sponsored by the Capital Region Chapter of the Public Relations Society of America in which local organizations are provided with an opportunity to ‘pitch’ compelling subjects to various new organizations and reporters for potential follow-up.

LaSalle’s story was embraced by Time Warner’s producers. During the last few months, reporter Katie Eastman worked intensively with LaSalle’s team to secure appropriate opportunities to learn about its program and approach to serving youth and families in crisis.

Among the elements being featured in the series are:

History of LaSalle School
Background and orientation of the study of Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs)
Details of how an informed and applied treatment program can benefit developing adolescents exposed to trauma
Availability of resources and counseling for parents and families, and
LaSalle’s growing reputation and leadership in the field of counseling and healing

Please look for the series reported by Time Warner’s reporter, Katie Eastman. This project is a combined effort of LaSalle, Time Warner Cable, and Albany’s Corning Place Communications, an award-winning full-service strategic communications and public affairs firm. We look forward to your feedback.