LukeSalmWorkshop-logoMarriottsville, MD – This year’s Brother Luke Salm Workshop Religious Education Workshop was held at Bon Secours Conference and Retreat Center in Marriottsville, MD. The beautiful grounds along with the cooperation of beautiful weather enhanced the Workshop by providing for time for reflective walks and “praying” the labyrinth.

The theme of this year’s Workshop was Lasallian Education: Evangelizing and Catechizing in a Community of Welcome. The keynote for the Workshop was Brother John Crawford FSC, Theology Professor at La Salle University. Brother John provided a foundational understanding regarding the role of evangelization in our Lasallian mission and how the advancement of the evangelizing role into catechesis provides our schools with a unique opportunity for our students to encounter Christ. In a second presentation Brother John considered the connection between evangelization and mercy. His presentation, steeped with frequent references to Church teaching enabled the participants to begin to creatively consider the way they welcome people of other faiths into our Lasallian family.


The participants of the Brother Luke Salm Workshop

To assist the participants in a deeper reflection regarding our welcoming of people of other faiths, Mr. Tom Sipowicz, of Saint John’s College High School shared how Saint John’s is addressing the spiritual needs of all their students.

Overall, the participants expressed their gratitude for the exceptional professional development that was provided and for the opportunity to share resources with one another.

Participating Ministries

  • Calvert Hall College, MD
  • Christian Brothers Academy-Albany, NY
  • Christian Brothers Academy-Syracuse, NY
  • De La Salle Collegiate High, MI
  • De La Salle College “Oaklands,” Toronto
  • La Salle Academy-New York, NY
  • La Salle Academy-Providence, RI
  • La Salle College High, PA
  • La Salle University, PA
  • Saint John’s College High, DC
  • Saint John Paul II Academy, FL
  • Saint Joseph’s Collegiate Institute, NY
  • Saint Raphael Academy, RI
  • Saint Raymond’s High, NY