Marcus and Gianni, both 7th grade, welcome students to the Blue Star Café, and are grateful for the donations for our twin school, Mwangaza College in Kenya.

Freeport, NY – As is the tradition each Lent, The De La Salle School is paired with a fellow Lasallian school in Nakuru, Kenya. The money contributed by students as part of their Lenten almsgiving will be sent to that school, bringing hope to another part of the world. Freeport’s “twin,” Mwangaza College, is a vocational school in a poor area of the country where students learn the skills of a trade like accounting, dressmaking, or culinary arts. De La Salle has been twinned with Mwangaza College for several years and students are eager to help once again.

Along with their own contributions, The De La Salle students have organized events that help raise money that will be part of the $700 goal they hope to achieve during Lent. Bottles are recycled, and the money collected from cashing in those recycled bottles will be added to the final total. The school’s Spirit Club organized a Yogurt Frenzy during their lunch period on Tuesday 21 March. Students and staff who pre-ordered could enjoy a cup of vanilla yogurt with a choice of two fruit toppings out of six, and then completed their dessert by adding either granola or crushed graham crackers. The school’s Assembly Room looked very European when it was transformed into the Blue Star Café, where students and staff gathered to enjoy their dessert and one another’s good company.