Bull Savannah, P.A. – During the week of June 5th, three prospective Lasallian Volunteers visited St. Vincent Strambi School and Community for a “Come-See” experience: Marissa Schmidt, a 2017 Manhattan College graduate with a major in Government and International Studies who hails from Smithtown, Suffolk, NY; Paul Kyle Dobison, a 2017 LaSalle University graduate with a major in Education/History from Galloway Township, NJ; and Ashley Weinberger, a Philadelphian and a 2017 LaSalle University graduate with a major in Primary and Special Education. Over three days, Marissa, Kyle and Ashley visited classes in their areas of interest, toured other possible sites for ministry (Bull Savannah Primary, John Bosco Boys’ Home, Bull Savannah Health Clinic), dined with the Passionist Volunteers, shopped in Junction, and toured a few of the local tourist sites (Alligator Pond, Treasure Beach and Wigton Wind Farm). In the community, they joined in community prayer, meals and community service. Please pray they will return in late August.

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