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Auckland, New Zealand – With the theme of “Lasallian women as change makers,” this international gathering will bring together more than 100 women from around the Institute to:

  1. Recognize the distinct role and identity of women in the mission, especially as catalysts of change.
  2. Raise awareness that women are critical to enabling the achievement of mission goals and are essential to the future sustainability of the mission.
  3. Empower Lasallian women to have a confident collective voice.
  4. Develop ongoing relationships that support association between women, and provide opportunities for mutual growth and support.
  5. Promote the Lasallian vocation as a desirable and accessible option for young women and girls.

From the Lasallian Region of North America (RELAN) nine women will be in attendance:

  • Tina Bonacci – Counselor
  • Alannah Boyle – Student
  • Lauren Davenport – Teacher
  • Maryann Donohue-Lynch – Mission and Ministry
  • Lori Dressel – Administrator
  • Jacquie Martin – Lasallian Volunteer
  • Haley Rennison – Student
  • Pamela Thompson – Director of Marketing
  • Emily Vogel – Campus Ministry
  • Mary Wilby – Professor


Many prayers for these women and all the Lasallian educators making their way to Auckland!

Learn more about the Symposium at the Women’s Symposium website