Our Lasallian Youth and Young Lasallian Professionals were afforded formation opportunities this Summer, to grow in their knowledge of the Founder, and create Lasallian community with one another.

The 2017 Lasallain Youth Assembly at La Salle University

Lasallian Youth Assembly

From July 16 – 21 at La Salle University, more than 100 Lasallian students and moderators gathered for the annual summer assembly. Living in faith, service, and community, and considering Pope Paul VI’s quote “If you want peace, work for justice,” Lasallian youth engaged in community service projects throughout the Philadelphia. Park and neighborhood clean-up, summer program tutoring, urban poverty outreach; all part of our Lasallian students’ service while at the assembly, coordinated by Ms. Hannah Corderre, Saint Raphael Academy and La Salle University graduate.

Long-time Lasallians Mr. and Mrs. Matt and Victoria Meehan, serving at Christian Brothers Academy Lincroft NJ, moderated this year’s Assembly and helped facilitate a sense of community and prayer, providing students with opportunities for growth and leadership. Closing the assembly, presenter John Dononhue-Grossman challenged students to recognize Christ in each other and people they would meet in the future through engaging games and activities, and more solemn moments of reflection and positive affirmation sessions.

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Young Lasallians VEGA at Manhattan College

VEGA Young Lasallians

Named for one of the brightest stars in the night sky; an Italian acronym for the words Vedere, Giudicare, Agire meaning See, Judge, Act, the VEGA conference for Young Lasallian Professionals was hosted at Manhattan College July 31 – August 4. More than thirty Lasallian educators, ministers, and Brothers gathered to teach and learn more about John Baptist de La Salle, the Lasallian educational mission, and today’s realities of Lasallian Education not just here in the States, but around the world.

“Coming to this conference was one of the best things I’ve ever done,” said Hillary Clauss, a Spanish Teacher and Student Council Moderator at Christian Brothers Academy Lincroft NJ.

The Young Lasallian professionals also volunteered throughout the Bronx, setting up a school for students in need, serving meals, and helping with food sustainability for the elderly.

“Not only did this time inspire me to explore the Lasallian world more thoroughly in order to help my school, but helped me renew my faith and zeal in my teaching mission, and also left my soul feeling healed and refreshed,” said Clauss.

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