2017 LV FSC Award Honorees – Mr. Daniel Brenner, Ms. Kerry Conroy, and Br. Joseph Mahon.

submitted by Ms. Kathleen Swain, Director

Philadelphia, PA – Lasallian Volunteers celebrated three Lasallians from the District of Eastern North America at the eighth annual FSC Awards on Saturday, September 29 at La Salle University in Philadelphia, which sponsored the event. The FSC Awards honor Lasallians who have made notable contributions to the program.

The awards are named in the spirit of three Brothers who embodied the LV values of faith, service and community during their lifetimes. This year’s recipients are: Brother Joseph Mahon, FSC, the Farrell Community Award; Kerry Conroy, LV 99-01, the Bassen Service Award; and Daniel Brenner, the Johnston Faith Award.

Brother Joseph was honored with The Farrell Community Award to celebrate the many years and gentle presence he has had in accompanying Lasallian Volunteers during their formation experience. Brother Joseph has lived with Lasallian Volunteers at the former San Miguel Community in Camden, New Jersey, and the Martyrs of Turon Community in Washington, DC. Brother Joseph is the school counselor at the San Miguel School in Washington, DC, where he has lived and worked for the past seven years.

“Over the years, his ability to walk with so many young people during their service years and support them in bringing to life their experience, certainly has been significant in their lives, and I believe has been life-giving for Brother Joseph as well,” said Chris Swain, LV 04-06, who presented Brother Joseph with the Farrell Community Award.

Ms. Kerry Conroy received The Bassen Service Award, highlighting her continuous service to the mission. Conroy, who served as an LV at La Salle Academy in New York City has spent the past 14 years in ministry there.

Jolleen Wagner, LV 04-06, presented the award to Conroy and praised her longtime dedication to the mission. Wagner shared how not only the students at La Salle Academy have been blessed by her presence in their lives, but also the LVs who were accompanied by Conroy during their years of service at La Salle Academy.

Mr. Daniel Brenner received The Johnston Faith Award as a way to recognize the many ways he has given of his time to the LV program, especially to the volunteers at the annual orientation program, where he has served as a retreat day facilitator and presenter on a variety of topics.

Julie Turner, LV 15-17, who presented the award to Brenner, said, “Dan truly understands that Lasallian Volunteers is an entrance point for so many of young people to become ‘Forever Lasallians.’ Dan is a beacon of that zeal for mission, and we thank him for his continued support of current LVs, our staff and our alumni. His witness is truly wonderful.”

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