Our winner – Justin Cullins – Sophomore, Calvert Hall College High School, Towson, MD Art Teacher: Mr. Jim Doyle

Justin Cullins

Calvert Hall College High School, Towson, MD
Art Teacher: Mr. Jim Doyle

“I was taught growing up that it is most important for me to have a passion for Jesus Christ. When I think of Christmas, I imagine Jesus’ birth as described in Bible scripture. This is what inspired my artwork. As I began to draw, I had an image of Jesus as a newborn being held by Mary and comforted by Joseph. I imagined the wise men bringing gifts and worshiping the newborn, and this helped me shape my image.

My time at Calvert Hall has been an adventurous opportunity so far. In relation to art, I had the opportunity to create a panting at the request of my teacher, Mr. Doyle. It was put up for and sold at auction at this year’s Calvert Hall Gala to benefit the school. As an athlete I’ve had the opportunity to play football and run track for The Hall. I plan on going to a great college for architecture, or even pursuing an art career.”

Justin Cullins – Sophomore – Calvert Hall College HS – Mr. Jim Doyle

Honorable Mention

Our long standing art competition is known throughout the District and the Region. This year, additional artwork was needed for the cover of our District’s Annual Appeal, and for the Lasallian Region of North America’s (RELAN) Christmas Card.

We are proud to congratulate Jake Kozak (Calvert Hall) and Laila Cannella (De La Salle College “Oaklands”) as their artwork was chosen for these pieces, respectively.


Now in its 9th year, the annual District Christmas Card contest had 53 entries, from 8 schools. There were many strong entries for our theme “The Visit of the Shepherds,” but we could only pick one piece of artwork.

A special thanks to all our student artists, and our art teachers for promoting the contest from these schools:

Calvert Hall College High School

Christian Brothers Academy-Syracuse

De La Salle College “Oaklands” 

La Salle Academy-Providence

St. John’s College High School

St.  Joseph’s Collegiate Institute 

St. Raymond High School for Boys 

Trinity High School (discerning ministry)

Thank You for Your Submissions, Students!