Brother Jack Curran recently made a cameo appearance on 60 Minutes.

The show featured an artist who simply goes by JR. He is known for posting giant photographs in over 140 countries around the world. These photos are meant to cause those who see them to stop, stare, and think. JR seeks to break tensions through his photography. He says, “To change the way you see things is already to change things themselves.”

In 2007, he posted large photographs on the wall separating Palestinians and Israelis in the West Bank. Each set of photos focused on people who shared a similar job but were on different sides of the wall. JR’s idea, of course, is that each person was unrecognizable as a Palestinian or Israeli but simply as a human being.

Br. Jack was featured in a set of photos appearing on the separation wall. The image appeared on the February 23 episode of 60 Minutes as well. Click here to view the picture.