Rome, Italy – The Intercapitular Assembly is underway at the Generalate, and runs from March 4-17, 2018. Bringing together the Superior General, General Councilors, Brother Visitors and Auxiliary Visitors, and appointed delegates, this Assembly marks the midpoint between General Chapters. Purposes for the gathering include reviewing the progress made in implementing the vision of the 45th General Chapter in 2014, and paying attention to the emerging priorities leading to the 46th General Chapter in 2021.  The Intercapitular Assembly has no legislative value but offers the opportunity to share experiences and identify the objectives on which to work on to improve the Lasallian mission.

Our Brother Visitors, Dennis Lee, Thomas Casey, and Richard Galvin will be providing updates as time allows, and you can find them here in this post. Also follow the social media feeds and other posts from our Brothers’ Districts of RELAN!

Daily Updates


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Thursday’s Prayer Image: The olive tree roots grow deep and they surprisingly thrive in the desert.


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Vatican News covered the Intercapitular Assembly – Thurs. March 15


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Prayer symbol for Wednesday: Stone and sand. “Therefore, everyone who listens to these words of Mine and acts on them will be like a sensible man who built his house on rock.”


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Brothers Dennis, Richard, and Thomas share some time reflecting on challenges and opportunities that might impact on DENA. This exercise at the Intercapitular Assembly was in the context of considering the same categories on the Regional and Institute levels.


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The Intercapitular Assembly lifted up in prayer the Women of the Lasallian mission this International Women’s Day. Many photos were submitted from around the global Institute. Some were printed, some posted on social media, all in celebration of Lasallian Women.

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The Superior General’s opening statement summary was posted on the Generalate website, click here for more


Tom Gramc, was once a Contact, considering the Christian Brothers’ vocation. While God may have called him in a different direction, we are proud of this Central Catholic graduate in that he serves the Church, and that he spent time in discernment with us. Let us continue to invite young people to consider God’s call, and their life’s vocation!

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From Br. Larry Schatz – Visitor of the Midwest District – Intercapitular 2018 is off and running!

Last evening as I sat in the English-speaking “Den” at a pre-dinner social, I gazed around the room and marveled at the variety of cultures present: Brother Damien from Ireland, Brother Paul from Singapore, Brother Ghebres from Kenya, and Brother Florent from Canada, along with several others from around the globe—and these are just the “Anglophones”! It is a blessing to be reawakened to the global reality of our Institute.  More >


Updates Throughout the Assembly

Reflections from Br. Tim Coldwell, RELAN General Councilor / Br. Larry Schatz – Midwest Visitor / Br. Florent Gaudreault – Francophone Canada Visitor

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