Toronto, ON – De La Salle College “Oaklands” students experienced the remarkable opportunity to connect with their sister-school students in Naka, Nigeria. On May 24th, 2018 at 11:00 a.m., Lasallian Youth Team members began their first Skype session with the students from Mount La Salle.

Together with his students, Brother Godwin Skyped in to connect with the Oaklands students to thank the community for the financial contributions offered to their school, including the following renovations they were able to accomplish over the past year:

The Administrative Block of the school has been old and seriously dilapidated. With the assistance of the twinning, serious and detailed renovation work has been done on the administrative block.
School Clinic: From the twinning money they renovated an old building and turned it into a school clinic where students now get urgent and immediate healthcare from a qualified nurse, especially at night.
Bakery: The funding has also assisted the school to start a bakery where the confectionery needs of the students are met. The goal is to expand the bakery so that bread from the bakery could be sold to the immediate school community in order to generate income for the school.

It was lovely to hear the students speaking about common favorite subjects and popular sports loved by the students of each campus. The community was very happy to know that the Mount La Salle students spoke about how the Oaklands community funds have helped them carry out renovation work, make improvements to various facilities on campus and of course to assist with delivering a solid academic program for various disciplines.
The students also asked what Mount La Salle is looking to work on in the future. One student mentioned that his favourite subject is biology, but that their labs are not adequately equipped with tools that are easy to access in Canada. They also mentioned that they would like to make substantial renovations to both the girls and boys dormitories. These will be things to keep in mind as the Lasallian Youth Team plans their fundraising initiatives for the 2018-19 year.
The school hopes to continue the twinned partnership with Mount La Salle in Naka and looks forward to having the students continue to extend themselves beyond Lasallian borders, eager to learn and willing to serve one another.