July 1:  Happy Canada Day to all Lasallians north of the border!  On this day in 1867, the separate colonies of Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and Canada (comprising Ontario and Quebec) were unified to create a single Dominion of Canada, with more self governance than before..

July 1, 1829:  Birth date of the famous Brother Jasper of Mary (Brennan) in Ireland.  Brother Jasper was the organizer of athletics in the early history of Manhattan College, and his name lives on in all of its sports teams to this day.  Brother Angelus Gabriel (FSC), The Christian Brothers in the United States 1848-1948: A Century of Catholic Education (New York: Declan McMullen Co., 1948), pp. 419-420.

July 1, 1995:  The new Midwest District was created by the combining of the Legacy St. Louis,           Chicago, and St. Paul-Minneapolis districts.