July 3:  Today is the Feast of St. Thomas (Apostle), although for centuries it had been observed each December 21.  Thus, De La Salle’s Meditation for the Feast of St. Thomas, which was celebrated in his time on December 21, reads in part, “Do not be so blinded, for you have the advantage of reading the Gospel and meditating on the truths found in it every day, and you are responsible to teach these truths to others.  Show, by the way your actions conform to these holy maxims, that, in fact, you do believe them by putting them into practice.”  John Baptist de La Salle, “December 21, For the Feast of Saint Thomas, Apostle,” Meditations by John Baptist de La Salle, Brothers Richard Arnandez and Augustine Loes, trans. and Brothers Augustine Loes and Francis Huether, eds. (Landover, MD: Christian Brothers Conference, 1994), pp. 371-373.