Young Brothers Follow the Footsteps of the Founder

July 24 – August 3, 2019

To learn more about the significance of the sites that our Brothers will be seeing, visit the Footsteps of the Founder website.

While our Brothers in Initial Formation could not be with the District’s Brothers during the Jubilee Celebration, the young Brothers put together a video message for their Freres back home…

Our Brothers in Initial Formation will spend the next two weeks retracing the footsteps of the Founder. We want you to tag along with them. Follow Brothers Steven, Paul, Kyle, J.D. and Michael as they visit where the Lasallian educational mission started over 300 years ago.

Thursday, July 25: Grenoble

Friday, July 26: Parmenia

Saturday, July 27: Taizé

Sunday, July 28: Reims

Monday, July 29: Liesse and Beauvais

Tuesday July 30: Rouen

Wednesday, July 31: Paris

Friday August 2: Poitiers, Carcassonne

Send Your Prayers

This pilgrimage is more than just an historical tour for our Brothers. They will spend much time in prayer, and want to offer up prayers for you too! Have a prayer intention that you would like to submit? Click the button below, fill out the quick form, and the Brothers will hold you and your loved ones in prayer at the holiest of Lasallian sites! Live Jesus in our hearts . . .

The Brothers will take over DENA Instagram @fscDENA

#FreresInFrance #DENABrothersTakeOver

Our young Brothers are following the footsteps of the Founder! Follow along with them as they take over our Instagram, and send prayer requests to them as they visit where the #Lasallian mission began in in our bio. #FreresInFrance #DENABrothersTakeOver #Pilgrimage #WeAreLaSalle ...

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might not be the prettiest pic but there was something peaceful about the rain in Rouen 🇫🇷 #FreresInFrance #300LaSalle ...

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Paul – Twitter  Steven – Twitter  Michael – Facebook