One Year in Mission Together: A Prayer for Each Project, a Project for Each Week

This is an editorial project realized for schools and ministries on the occasion of the tricentenary celebrations in 2019, highlighting 52 ministries from across our Lasallian community, providing a brief explanation of their services, geographically mapping their location, and welcoming a prayer for each ministry. Consider posting it in classrooms and libraries to highlight our geographical diversity and local responsiveness–let this publication inspire us all and strengthen our Lasallian family all over the world.

Download All 52 Weekly Prayers Here

Week 1: Reaching the Unreached, India

Week 2: Truong Vinh Ky, Vietnam

Week 3: Gebre Michael Youth Centre, Ethiopia

Week 4: Institute for Religious Studies, Eritrea

Week 5: C.L.I.M.A., Burkina Faso

Week 6: Lasallian Summer Camp, Burkina Faso

Week 7: Access to Water, Burkina Faso

Week 8: Institute Tumba Kunda Dia Zayi, Congo

Week 9: HATS Hagaz Agro-Technical School, Eritrea

Week 10: St. Joseph School, Keren Eritrea

Week 11: C.LA.S.S, Democratic Republic of Congo

Week 12: Ecole St. Paul Ambohimiarina, Madagascar

Week 13: C.E.A.L.S., Mozambique

Week 14: Intiganda Centre, Rwanda

Week 15: Solidarity with South Sudan

Week 16: St. John Baptist De La Salle School, Ethiopia

Week 17: Collège Mutien Marie, Cameroon

Week 18: Collège d’Enseignement, Cameroon

Week 19: US San Miguel Schools

Week 20: San Juan Bautista, Florida, US

Week 21: Lasallian Outreach, Malaysia

Week 22: Bamboo School, Thailand

Week 23: Asociación Hogar La Salle, Spain

Week 24: CasArcobaleno, Naples Campania, Italy

Week 25: Utopía Yopal, Casanare, Colombia

Week 26: Ocean Tides, Narragansett, Rhode Island

Week 27: Fratelli Project, Lebanon

Week 28: Centre Lasallien Saint-Michel, Canada

Week 29: Hogar Esperanza, Chile

Week 30: Foyer Akwaba, Ivory Coast

Week 31: Diyagala Boys Town, Sri Lanka

Week 32: Lasallian Community, Sri Lanka

Week 33: La Salle English-Medium School, Sri Lanka

Week 34: Child safeguards, Peru

Week 35: Indígena Santiago Institute, Guatemala

Week 36: Housing on Turtle Island, Haiti

Week 37: Collège Saint JBDLS, Haiti

Week 38: St. La Salle Secondary School, Kenya

Week 39: Gender-based violence, Dominican Republic

Week 40: Mobile education, France

Week 41: Kids Helpline, Australia

Week 42: La Salle Home, Japan

Week 43: Centro de Promoción y Cultura, Cuba

Week 44: La Salle Home, Romania

Week 45: Lasallian Universities in Mission, Brazil

Week 46: Reference center for young people, Brazil

Week 47: Experimental Institute La Salle, Honduras

Week 48: Universidad La Salle, Costa Rica

Week 49: Fundación La Salle de Ciencias Naturales, Venezuela

Week 50: San Héctor Valdivielso Educational Center, Argentina

Week 51: Solidarity Scholastic Bank, Portugal

Week 52: Escuela José María Bogarín, Paraguay