The students who qualified for the Regional History Bee include front row (l-r): Sean Cavanaugh, Jack Breitzka, Razi Marshall, Cooper Marko, Jordan Cain, and Luke DeLorenzo. Second row: Fiona Ojugbeli, Noah Mingolelli, Kevin Callahan, Sam Wells, Lukas Ward, Ayden Hickey, Christian Balistreri, and Mary Sullivan. Third row: Elena Chiodi, Finn Doyle, Jackie Duteau, Ryan Storie, Jack Parson, Liam Rupprecht, Joe McMahon, and Ethan Krupa. Fourth row: Max Lachet, Anthony Lisi, Michael Schiano, Max Wysocki, Joey Sayles, Mark Khairallah, Zachary Mulhern, and Blake Savage. Fifth row: Miss Kotheimer, Kole Decker, Ben Carrick, Jack Albala, Avery Costello, Josh Drazek, Tony Zarella, John Engle, and Mrs. Spina
Absent: Thomas Leskoske, Nate Vault, and Christina Wojtowycz

Dewitt, NY -Forty Christian Brothers Academy junior high students qualified for the Regional History Bee, which will be held on Saturday, March 23 in Bethel, CT.

This is the second year that CBA has participated in the competition. In January, all students in seventh and eighth grade took the online exam in Social Studies classes.

Although forty students qualified, eighteen students will represent CBA and attend the competition. Seventh graders attending include: Christian Balistreri, Razi Marshall, Joey Sayles, Ryan Storie, Jack Breitzka, Kevin Callahan, Noah Mingolelli, Liam Rupprecht, Josh Drazek, and Michael Schiano.

Eighth graders attending include: Ben Carrick, Sam Wells, Zach Mulhern, Finn Doyle, Ethan Krupa, Kole Decker, Ayden Hickey, Blake Savage