Syracuse, NY – Brothers Joseph Jozwiak and Gabriel Fiumano welcomed Lasallians to the chapel on the Christian Brother Academy campus in Syracuse, NY for the Lenten Day of Prayer sponsored by our District on the day before Palm Sunday.

With the desire to reach out to the Brothers and other Lasallians in the northern part of New York State the central location of Syracuse was chosen. Fr. Louis Sogliuzzo, SJ, who taught in a Lasallian school prior to joining the Jesuits and who studied theology at Manhattan College, guided the participants through the day. The focus of his talks was the statement “nothing is more practical than finding God” and he successfully engaged those in attendance in discussion.

In addition to those physically present, others took advantage of the live stream of the two presentations. The implementation of such technology was motivated by our District’s directional statement that encouraged “the use of 21st century learning modalities and current technology” as a way for Lasallians to communicate with each other.

Videos of the sessions are available by clicking here.