Brother Thomas Casey and La Salle Academy New York students

Brother Thomas Casey, FSC, left, with the young men of La Salle Academy New York.

UPDATE: New York, NYJuly 16, 2019 – In an email letter sent to the La Salle Academy educational community on his first day, Brother Thomas stressed his commitment to La Salle, and its importance in the Lasallian educational mission. He also announced Ms. Kerry Conroy as his appointment as Interim Principal for the Academy, and Ms. Ismini Scouras’ continued service as Vice President for Institutional Advancement and Communications.

The endorsement of my candidacy for the role of President of La Salle Academy by the Board of Trustees of La Salle Academy and my appointment to this post by Brother Dennis Lee, FSC, Visitor of the District of Eastern North America, is sincerely appreciated. I am grateful for the opportunity to serve in this capacity and humbled by the trust placed in me.

Ms. Kerry Conroy

Ms. Kerry Conroy

I assure you of my diligent effort, my commitment to collaboration, and my belief in clear communication as all involved in the school work together to further its mission. This is a noble and sacred ministry in which you, too, have a role. Past, present, and future all have a claim on you as a unique part of La Salle Academy. In our association for this purpose I am confident we will, as Saint John Baptist de La Salle reminds us, “Take even more care of the education of the young people entrusted to you than if they were the children of a king” (Meditation 133.2).

As I transition from my current position as an Auxiliary Visitor of the District of Eastern North America I am pleased to be able to bring one of my colleagues from our District staff to serve as interim Principal of La Salle Academy. Ms. Kerry Conroy accepted my invitation to join the school’s leadership team and she brings her faith, zeal, and experience as she returns to a familiar place whose mission she knows well and believes in deeply. I am also glad that Ms. Ismini Scouras will continue her excellent service as Vice President for Institutional Advancement and Communications. She, too, is a committed Lasallian.

May God bless us, and our efforts, as we contribute to the rich legacy of La Salle Academy and invest in its future as a vibrant Lasallian high school.

July 15, 2019 – Brother Dennis Lee, F.S.C., Provincial/Visitor of the District of Eastern North America (DENA) of the Institute of the Brothers of the Christian Schools (De La Salle Christian Brothers), has announced that Brother Thomas Casey, F.S.C., will serve as the next President of La Salle Academy (LSA) NYC beginning July 16, 2019.

The appointment of Brother Thomas was made after consultation with the Ministry Corporation of DENA, the Executive Committee of the La Salle Academy Board of Trustees and, subsequently, the full Board.

Brother Dennis offered this reflection upon naming Brother Thomas as the new President of La Salle:

“Mindful of the significance of La Salle Academy to our Institute, to the Church, and to New York City, I am excited that Brother Thomas has accepted my invitation to serve as La Salle’s President. Working with all who serve at La Salle, Brother Thomas will preserve and advance further the Lasallian Catholic mission of the school in its central responsibility to develop young men in faith, service, and scholarship. At this critical time in the history of Catholic education across the United States, Brother Thomas takes leadership of La Salle so that its mission remains relevant, sustainable, and effective in touching the minds and hearts of the young men entrusted to its care.

Brother Thomas brings a wide range of pertinent experience, notably prior excellent service as Head of School. Imbued with the Lasallian charism, he will work collaboratively with all stakeholders to ensure that the 171-year tradition of La Salle continues strong.

Brother Thomas has served these past two years as Auxiliary Visitor of DENA. His wisdom and expertise in this role will be sorely missed, but I am very confident that his service on behalf of the current and future students of La Salle will be a blessing.”

Br. Thomas Casey, FSC

Brother Thomas commented on his appointment to serve as President of La Salle with these words:

“I am enthused by the opportunity to serve as the President of La Salle Academy. Being entrusted with this ministry and collaborating with so many individuals committed to the school’s mission is exciting. The school has a vibrant heritage and I am honored to participate in creating its future. May God bless all who share in the life of La Salle Academy, especially its students, whom I look forward to meeting soon.”

La Salle Academy’s Chairman of the Board of Trustees, Salvatore LaRocca, speaking from the perspective of leading the governing board at La Salle, said:

“I am excited to welcome Brother Thomas Casey, F.S.C., as the new President of La Salle Academy. Brother Thomas is the perfect leader to continue advancing the progress La Salle has experienced over the last several years in academic rigor, fundraising and student enrollment while preserving the Lasallian Catholic mission to educate young men most in need.”

La Salle Academy has served young men in Lower Manhattan since 1848. It is the second oldest high school sponsored by the Christian Brothers in the United States. La Salle offers a rigorous, college-preparatory education in the Lasallian tradition, opportunities for children to grow in faith and service, and provides a wide array of athletic and other extracurricular programs.