09/09/19 – The District of Eastern North America celebrated the 10th anniversary of its founding on this date. All DENA ministries were invited to observe the date with a Day of Service and to share the good news with the rest of the District.  Here are some ways that this anniversary was observed below, and through social media – #10DENA

La Salle School for Boys – Albany, NY

Preparing Meals

La Salle School spent the afternoon in service at the City Mission in Albany. From soup to nuts, LSS students cut and sliced vegetables for the next day’s meals, set up trays, seated guests in the dining hall, served, cleaned and stored tables, and mopped floors, under the supervision of Lasallian Animator, Mr. James LaFave.

Ocean Tides – Providence Campus

Cleaning Up

The Ocean Tides Providence Campus shut down for the afternoon so teams of teachers and students could go out for a neighborhood-wide clean up and litter removal, including at a local park geared to children. The day ended with an ice cream social and reflection on the positive feelings of accomplishment and giving back to the community.

St. John’s College HS – Washington DC


St. John’s Lasallian Youth Group spent the afternoon tutoring the Miguel Men at San Miguel School Washington. SJC students are no strangers at San Miguel School. This service activity happens throughout the year, and has been for many years, perhaps as long as DENA has been around! Photos provided by Br. Mark Brown, FSC

bronx-day-of-serviceLasallian Community – Bedford Park

Preparing Food

For most of our lifetimes FSC has humorously represented the hundredfold of being a De La Salle Brother; that is, food, shelter and clothing. It has been what Lasallians “get” by being Brothers. However, today in the Bronx,  food, shelter and clothing for the first time in history are now no longer a Lasallian “get” but rather a “give.

The eight members of the Lasallian Community of Bedford Park on September 9th spread out across the neighborhood to give food, shelter and clothing to needy and vulnerable families in honor of the 10th anniversary of the DENA District. Ashley and Dani were joined by Joe, Bill and Ed in serving a noontime meal of meatloaf and potatoes to several hundred at an innovative neighborhood center called Part of the Solution (POTS). Another, Theresa, reorganized the clothing bank at POTS to make it easier to find the right fit. And  Julia helped a needy family to search for an apartment at Refuge House. Michael led a workshop for similar parents at Mercy Center and Jubilee tutored young women at our local Catholic high school.

We all gave our best this day but at the end we all agreed it was very little compared to what we got. Jesus did live in our hearts.