Christian Brothers and Partners-in-Mission from more than 35 Catholic Lasallian Ministries throughout the Northeast gathered virtually and in-person; to explore vocation and the future of mission.


Br. Robert Schieler, FSC, Superior General of the Brothers of the Christian Schools

Superior General, Brother Robert Schieler, FSC, keynote speaker for the District Association Celebration

Philadelphia, PA – For the past ten years, the Brothers of the Christian Schools, along with their Lasallian Partners, have provided a human and Christian education to more than 14,000 students and their families as one geographic network: The District of Eastern North America (DENA).

From Warren, MI, to Providence, RI, and from Boca Raton, FL, to Washington, DC, and Toronto, Canada, more than 5,000 Lasallian Educators and De La Salle Christian Brothers have engaged in the vocation of education, especially to the poor and disadvantaged. Together, and by association, this network of educators celebrated a decade of mission as The District of Eastern North America, which was formed September 9, 2009. Gathering, virtually and in-person, in different cities throughout DENA’s geographic expanse on Friday, November 8, 2019, Lasallians celebrated their accomplishments, but more importantly, acknowledged that there is more to be done to serve the most vulnerable young people in our society through this 300 year old mission of education.

Superior General, Brother Robert Schieler, FSC, leader of The Institute of the Brothers of the Christian Schools, which sponsors ministries and other educational programs in over 80 countries worldwide, including DENA, facilitated the Association Celebration with his keynote presentation. Broadcasted from La Salle University, his alma mater, in his home town of Philadelphia, Br. Robert shared his perspectives on the current state of the global Lasallian mission, and how our Lasallian family continues to respond to the needs of young people with new ministries reaching out the poor, and collaborations with other religious orders to provide education to refugee children. Calling on all of DENA’s Lasallians to reflect on their vocation as part of this Jubilee Year, so designated by the Catholic Church, Br. Robert’s presentation rooted in the Gospel asked for our DENA family to explore how we can do more for marginalized young people.

Lasallians gathered were invited to reflect on the Superior General’s message, and the example of St. John Baptist de La Salle, the Founder of the Brothers of the Christian Schools in breakout sessions. Lasallians had the opportunity for fruitful conversations, sharing their Lasallian stories, and what of Br. Robert’s message struck them. Together and by association allowed for a strengthening of relationships locally.

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A final Q&A session saw Lasallians locally in Philadelphia, and throughout the District, posing tough questions to the Superior General as to how the Lasallian mission, in the past and today, can continue to address the needs of the young, especially the poor, while also staying true to our charism and the Catholic Church. The Brother Superior, for his long career as Brother and Teacher, and leadership in the worldwide Lasallian mission was presented with the Teliow Fackeldey, FSC, Presidential Medal Award for Outstanding Integrity, Merit and Public Service. Brother Ernest Miller, FSC, D. Min., Vice President for Mission, and Dr. Colleen Hanycz, the University’s President presented Brother with this honor, one of the highest awarded by La Salle University.

No celebration would be complete without song, as all of the geographic sites were invited to brief celebratory song, and Lasallians were offered celebratory cake! A fitting way to cap a 10 year celebration!

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Thanks to all Lasallians who joined in this special day, and a very special thanks to our ministries and coordinators geographically who made this day possible throughout the District:

Central Catholic High School
Pittsburgh, PA
Mr. Kyle Goldcamp

Christian Brothers Academy
Albany NY
Mr. Matt Agan

Christian Brothers Academy
Lincroft NJ
Ms. Cathy Carroll

Christian Brothers Academy
Syracuse NY
Ms. Holly Dowd

La Salle Academy
Providence RI
Mr. Tom Haynes

La Salle University
Philadelphia PA
Ms. Gina Scozzaro

Manhattan College
Riverdale NY
Ms. Lois Harr

St. John Paul II Academy
Boca Raton FL
Mr. Michael Scaramuzzo

St. John’s College High School
Washington DC
Mr. Tom Sipowicz

St. Joseph’s Collegiate Institute
Buffalo NY
Mr. Anthony Shilen