Riverdale, NY – Brother Carlos A. Pinto-Corredor arrived at Manhattan College in January 2019 from Colombia. He is a former student and active member of the INDIVISA MANENT MOVEMENT (Lasallian Association of Human Development and Leadership Groups in the District of Bogotá). He is a graduate of La Salle University of Bogotá, Colombia with a degree in Education and Religious Studies. Carlos has served as a volunteer, catechist, missionary, teacher, assistant principal, counselor and campus ministry director in elementary and secondary schools from 2007 to 2016. In the last two years (2017-2018), he designed and led leadership, catechetical, volunteerism, and vocational programs as National Pastoral Director for the Lasallian Schools’ Network (19 Institutions) in the Lasallian District of Bogotá. Currently, he is living at Christian Brothers Center at Manhattan College. He is learning English and studying communication at Manhattan College and serving as pastoral companion (Lasallian Mentoring) for MC students in the Lasallian Ambassadors Program.









Inspired by the Lasallian Spirit of “Indivisa Manent” a Latin expression that means, “the united remains”, the Lasallian ambassadors are leaders at Manhattan College that work to create a community environment where they are witnesses of faith, fraternity, and service. The Lasallian Ambassador Program is composed of students who come from Lasallian High Schools around the USA.

Coming from different majors at Manhattan College they invite everyone on campus to be leaders and share in unity, justice, respect, inclusion and service to others. The Lasallian Ambassadors create connections with the interchange and One La Salle program students. They are also promoters of experiences abroad through our international Lasallian Network of 65 Lasallian Universities around the world.