1937: The Lincoln Tunnel (bw. Manhattan and Weehawken, NJ) opened to vehicles. However, our historical fact today regards not the Lincoln Tunnel, but rather the Queens-Midtown Tunnel, bw. Manhattan and Queens. Bro. Anthelm Patrick Martin of Legacy NY District had a curious connection with the latter tunnel. As a youngster living in the area around the Queens-Midtown Tunnel, Bro. Patrick played with a neighborhood boy named Arnold. Years later, Arnold became a construction worker on the Queens-Midtown Tunnel, fashioned a small informal metal plaque inscribed to his buddy Bro. Patrick, and secretly bolted it near the entrance of that tunnel. It might still be there!

https://www.onthisday.com/events/december/22 Also, oral interview of Brother Patrick Martin by Bro. Joseph Grabenstein, September 25, 2009.