April 27, 2020

We begin with an update on Charlie Barbush who continues to improve steadily. He is now mostly breathing on his own, but the ventilator is still attached if he needs it. Let us continue the praying.

As we begin the new week (which will conclude with Religious Brothers Day on Friday), here are our latest points for your consideration.

  • Dealing with COVID-19 (Part 4). This week, we share thoughts on Collective Grief, by Sister Maryanne Loughry, RSM. This article, written by Chris Herlinger, appears in today’s issue of the Global Sisters Report (NCR affiliate).
  • Sharing Our Own Reflections. During this extended uncertain time, we continue to invite any among us who would like, to share some of your own insights, reflections and/or inspirations. It could be what you are doing during this crisis or perhaps what this crisis is doing to you. Here are two reflections. Thanks to Ed Phelan and Rich Galvin.
  • Terry Hershey. Terry is an author, humorist, inspirational speaker who regularly shares his practice of mindfulness and savoring life. The 25-minute YOUTUBE video is from this weekend, as part of a series, Passion Matters, hosted by Edward Beck. The other link is to Terry’s webpage. At it, you can sign up for a weekly Sabbath Moment (which Terry sends each Monday).
  • Downsizing. No, this is not about de-cluttering (although that is a great thing to continue doing!). Last week, John Patzwall shared 51 awesome things we might do. Today, we have downsized to a mere 3 things we might do. However, be forewarned: if you do these, you will again be kept very busy – and even entertained!

We are intending to continue sending a message each Monday. If there is anything that you would like us to attend to, please let us know. And we welcome your contributions on any and all topics.

Please stay safe. Stay at home. Stay mindful of others. Stay amazing.


Richard Galvin    Lawrence Goyette    Dennis Lee