Brother David Detje—Retired? Not even close! Dave is still on the staff of De La Salle Academy in New York City and, during this time of isolation, is still very much active in the life of DLSA. Here is his current story…

Each school all day the faculty and staff meet for fifteen minutes at 8:30 AM to check in with one another during this period of isolation. It is a time to encourage one another and share the good and the bad of our present times.

There are blessings for the families of the faculty and there are trials. However, the spirit has been very positive. The meetings are a boost to our morale.

At 8:45 each school morning, each full time faculty member meets with ten students to make announcements and to assist them as they and their families endure through the rigors of this pandemic.

On Monday afternoons, there is a faculty meeting starting at 3:30 during which time we can evaluate, recommend, and discover what is working for the students and what more they may need.

During the Easter break there were two community meetings to which all the faculty and students were invited. There were over 110 out of 180 people at each meeting. Of course all this is built around a week of asynchronous learning. At present four subjects are being offered: Language Arts, Mathematics, Social Studies, and Spanish. The administration has provided incredible leadership during these difficult times.