May 25, 2020

It has been a week since we shared that photo of Charlie Barbush from the Columbia Presbyterian respiratory rehab unit. His progress continues to be slow but steady. Prayers to continue, please! If you would like to send him greetings, please send them to 4415 Post Road / Bronx NY 10471

COVID resources. We are happy to share updated resources from St. John Vianney Center. Here are over fifty links that run the gamut from fun to serious, with prayers and videos, all based in the categories of mind body and spirit. Thanks to Steve Olert, for sharing with us.

Sharing Our Own Reflections. During this extended uncertain time, we continue to invite any among us who would like, to share some of your own insights, reflections and/or inspirations. It could be what you are doing during this crisis or perhaps what this crisis is doing to you. Thank you, Allen Johnson, for this excellent reflection.

Chefcast. Our Chefs, Carl and Ed, have kicked off our CHEFCAST series very well. Today we switch from a video to a powerpoint. Thank you, Len Marsh for showing us how to make some homemade waffles. Since none of us are probably staying at the hotels that provide Belgian Waffles, this bit of comfort food may be a great way to start our day. If a picture is worth a thousand words, get ready to do waffles in 10,000 words. (You may never eat Eggo again!)…  We welcome other talented chefs and bakers to volunteer. Just contact Non-Chef Dennis to volunteer!

Inspirational Song. Some great music is being composed to help us through this COVID moment. “Do What You Can” is a timely, inspiring song by Bon Jovi which he premiered at the Jersey4Jersey event last month.

Pray as you stay. Many of us use “Pray as you go” for our daily prayer. Thank you, John Bassett, for referring us to a “Pray as you stay” prayer program they also offer. It is a guide intended to support people “during this time of self-isolation, uncertainty and fear, which we are all going through.” The intention is that this prayer guide “will help you stay close to God as you stay where you are. We hope it will uplift you, give you some ideas for creative prayer, and provide some reflection with Scripture.” Check out Pray as you Stay.

Please stay safe. Stay at home. Stay mindful of others. Stay amazing.


Richard Galvin    Lawrence Goyette    Dennis Lee