June 22, 2020

Dear Brothers and Lasallians,

This is our final Monday morning iContact message. Henceforth, we will share future matters pertaining to COVID on our regular Wednesday Weekly Updates. (In fact, we will include a remarkable reflection by Charlie O’Connell this Wednesday.)

We appreciate the feedback we have received over these 15 Mondays. During these months, we have had the opportunity to share resources, many of which have been brought to our attention by our Brothers. So many of these resources are still relevant, so feel free to review the prior Monday messages (all are still available on our DENA website).

Remember, as the summer months progress, should you locate resources that we can share with the communities, please send them to anyone of us.

Finally, the Monday messages have given us the opportunity to communicate about the health status of Bob Schieler and Charlie Barbush. In our long list of prayer intentions, let us keep both of these Brothers on that list as they return to good health.

Relating to COVID: 

Relating to the events of the past month: 

Please continue following protocols. Stay healthy. Be in touch, as needed.


Richard Galvin    Lawrence Goyette    Dennis Lee