Lincroft, NJ – From Rachel Block – Activity Director, De La Salle Hall – For much of the early months of the pandemic the Brothers at De La Salle Hall had been spending most of their time alone in their rooms. In order to keep up their spirits and know they weren’t alone, they began doing some “Hallway Activities,” where everyone would sit in their room doorway while staff lead the program for the hall.

Hallway exercises started back in April so the Brothers (& Mary) could see each other, while the staff would line the halls so that everyone knew what exercise to do. Once some restrictions were lifted, exercise was moved to the lounge with Rachel & Manny so all could perform the activity together as a community.

More than half the Brothers join every day. Br. John Karl helps lead programs by keeping count during movements and explaining the next exercise. Br. John Herron never misses a session! He loves when it’s time to do boxing and punching.