Eatontown, NJ – Our vocation team has pivoted during these last eight months of pandemic and have been creative in promoting our life as Brothers. Brothers Mike Andrejko and Arturo Martinez have prepared both in-person and virtual presentations for our ministries. Brother Edward Shields has organized several zoom opportunities for young men discerning our life and entry into the Contact Program. A zoom meeting was held on Wednesday, November 11. Ten young men as well as ten Brothers gathered to engage in a conversation about discernment. Br. Mike Andrejko and Contacts Danny Gomez and Jim Corcoran shared thoughts on discernment and their journey toward God’s call. Brothers Paul Avvento and Steven Barbaro along with Lasallian educator Jeff Petroski from LSA – Providence shared insights as to the role of faith in their daily lives. The hour zoom produced enriching conversation as well as encouraged further reflection and discussion. Continued best wishes to our vocation team as well as continued blessings to those discerning God’s will in their life. How about inviting a young man in his 20’s or 30’s to consider our life as Brother?