Lasallian Women of Hope Brings Hygiene Products to Girls at Saint Jean Baptist de La Salle College

Through a partnership with the administration at College Saint Jean Baptist de La Salle, La Salle University, and the District of Eastern North America (DENA) we are pleased to announce that Lasallian Women of Hope will be launching a new initiative at College Saint Jean Baptist de La Salle, a Lasallian school in Port au Prince, Haiti.

College Saint Jean Baptist de La Salle was established by the Brothers of the Christian Schools following the devastating January 12, 2010 earthquake that took the lives of over 200,000 Haitians. The school opened its doors to 83 students in October 2012 and currently serves over 800 students pre-K through grade 9. Since the opening of the school, DENA ministries have been engaged in the mission of the school through visits, mission trips, and the annual Advent Haiti Appeal which has raised over $200,000 since its beginning in 2012.

La Salle University School of Nursing has established an ongoing relationship with the school and the adjoining Women and Children’s Health and Nutrition Center providing health education at the school and offering health check-ups at the Center.

Recently, interest was expressed in providing the LWH Pad Project to the over 100 female students at the school who would be of age to participate in the Pad project.

“Our goal is to provide monthly funds to Saint Jean Baptist de La Salle School in Haiti so that personal female hygiene items, primarily sanitary napkins, can be purchased by the school nurse and distributed as needed to the many female students,” says Dr. Rhonda Hazell, coordinator of the LWH Pad Project in Haiti. ” This will allow the girls to attend school and keep up much more effectively with their schoolwork.”

“In addition to providing personal hygiene items, once travel is permitted again, the hope is to provide in-person health education for the young women so they are empowered by their understanding of their monthly cycle,” said Dr. Hazell.

This new Lasallian Women of Hope project is set to begin in May 2021.