Dear Lasallians,

In his annual pastoral letter to the Brothers (December 2020), our Superior General, Br. Robert Schieler, FSC, begins, “our organizations and our lives will be, and indeed must be, different after the pandemic; they point to a ‘new normal’ that is on the horizon.” Indeed.

We have come a very long way since February 2020. We have witnessed death, suffering, loss, uncertainty, anxiety, depression, and contention. As Spring became summer, and as summer became autumn, we heard of vaccines being developed, not only in US labs but all around our one world. Still, we wondered, when they would be determined to be safe and effective.

In December, our Advent awaiting Christmas also became our time of anticipation of multiple vaccines being made available. And this past month has seen the loosening of fears and the expanse of hope as more and more of our worldwide citizens have accepted the invitation to receive the vaccine.

Many questions and concerns remain but, as Lasallians, we await the happy challenge facing us: how to arrange our ministries to be all the more efficient, effective and affective, especially as we live in hope for this summer and the ‘new normal’ of 2021-2022.

We are deeply grateful for all our front-line educators, as well as all others who risked their lives for the well-being of fellow citizens, who have done yeoman work throughout this past year. And we mourn all people, including those throughout our Lasallian world, who have fallen victim to COVID.

In his letter, Brother Bob writes, “Right now, battered by the pandemic, the future is not clear.” What a holy moment as we Lasallians of DENA engage in conversation and prayer to ascertain what God may be leading us to. Please join us in the conversation and the prayer.


Br. Dennis Lee, FSC