Pittsburgh, PA – Darts anyone? The Central Catholic HS prom was held on Friday, May 14th. The prom took place on Central’s campus and the weather cooperated immensely. Activities included carnival games, as well as numerous card games. In addition, stomachs were kept filled by various food trucks on campus. Faculty and staff from Central volunteered to assist by overseeing various booths and games of chance. As you can see by clicking here, our James Corcoran volunteered at the balloon dart booth. James reports that in addition to being one of the busiest attractions it was also the loudest! James also noted that the young ladies in attendance were much more skilled at dart throwing than the Central men. James has lived at the Central Catholic Community in Pittsburgh this year and is teaching English full-time the high school. We are blessed that James will be professing his promises as a postulant at District Day on Saturday, July 24.