Dear Lasallians,

What a difference a year makes. Last year, we were so immersed in the uncertainty and the first huge wave of COVID deaths that we may have not attended to “April showers bring May flowers.” This year, even with new variants and losses, the April vaccines have brought increased May hope for a summer of safe participation in some of the matters that have been routine our entire lives.

As you are reading this in mid-May, our two DENA institutions of higher education are conducting graduations, albeit in modified forms, for both the Class of 2020 and the Class of 2021. All of our other schools are preparing for graduations sometime in the next month which will be more personal than was possible a year ago.

I want to seize this moment to thank all of our educators and Lasallians who have been heroic in providing the best possible education throughout the past fifteen months. Every one of our schools has risen to the challenge of providing a quality education in COVID times. Thank you to our administrators, the staffs and the teachers. Thank you to all our Lasallian stakeholders and supporters who have continued to pray and provide donations, both locally and through our offices, so that the great Lasallian mission could continue through this unforgettable year.

Many ask, “When will life be back to normal?” Most wonder, “What will the new normal be?” Maria Shriver has commented, “Don’t think of going back to normal anymore. Head towards your rebirth.”

Lasallians, let us all embrace such rebirth, individually and collectively. May we welcome the new opportunities to “provide a Christian and human education for the young, especially the poor.” It is a timeless


Br. Dennis Lee, FSC