by Mr. Jack Muraca, Director of Alumni & Development, and Elijah Cambell, sophomore – St. Peter’s Boys High School, Staten Island NY

Since Elijah Campbell walked through the doors of St. Peter’s Boys High School, he has made a tremendous impact on our Lasallian community here in Staten Island. He excels academically, socially, spiritually, and athletically. He is an exemplary student.

“I remember when I first stepped foot onto Saint Peter’s campus for the Open House and I could tell there was just a real feeling of family,” says Elijah. “Everyone was so welcoming!”

Currently a sophomore, Elijah needed significant financial assistance in order to attend St. Peter’s. “There was no other school like it, and my family and I knew this was the school I needed to attend. Thanks to the St. John Baptist de La Salle Fund, and the people who give to it, I got that opportunity.” Elijah says appreciatively.

“I just want to say thanks to all of you for giving me the opportunity to attend St. Peter’s Boys High School. It means so much to my family and me. You guys have touched our hearts in so many ways. You have welcomed us into the family. It is so amazing, and such an honor to wear our school letters across my chest in the classroom, on the football field and basketball court, and even out on the street. You have given me another place that I can call home.”

THE ST. JOHN BAPTIST DE LA SALLE FUND seeks to ensure that a Lasallian education is available and accessible to those students most in need. Through an initial program of student sponsorship and a growing program of grants to identified schools, the Fund provides tuition assistance for students to attend a Lasallian school. With your support, we are now providing $845,000 annually for our students in need. All are welcome to join the Brothers and their Partners-in-Mission in this specially dedicated scholarship fund which continues to grow each year.