An invitation from Brother Robert Schaefer, FSC

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Each month, Catholics throughout the world are asked to pray for the monthly intention of the Pope.  For the month of December, Pope Francis has invited the faithful to ray for Catechists “that they may continue to announce the Word of God with courage and creativity.”

The ministry of the Catechist is at the heart of our Lasallian educational mission.  In the Second Meditation for the Time of Retreat, the Founder exhorts, “It is not enough that children be kept in school for most of the day and be kept busy.  Those who have dedicated themselves to instruct them must devote themselves especially to bring them up in the Christian spirit, which gives children the wisdom of God that none of the princes of the world have known.”

In his petition for December, Pope Francis writes, “The lay ministry of catechist is a vocation; it’s a mission.  Being a catechist means that you ‘are a catechist’, not that ‘you work as a catechist.’  It’s an entire way of being, and we need good catechists who are both companions and teachers.”  Our schools are blessed with outstanding religion teachers and Campus Ministers who work each day to share our faith with the students entrusted to our care.  It is a challenge to engage in this ministry in our contemporary culture.  Gospel values can be marginalized in many areas of modern society and yet religion teachers and campus ministers continually find creative ways to “touch the hearts” of their students and inspire them with the Gospel message, indeed a miracle as John Baptist de La Salle observed.

I invite all Brothers and Lasallians of DENA to pray in a special way for the ministry of the Catechist during the month of December.  When you encounter one of our Lasallian catechists, offer them a word of encouragement and promise to pray for them by name.  It is a great mission that has been entrusted to all of us.

Live Jesus in our hearts! Forever!