1933 – 2022

Words of Remembrance
Brother Floyd Warwick, FSC

Given by Brother Charles Filberg, FSC
Mass of Christian Burial
La Salle Hall, Beltsville, MD
July 2, 2022

I am pleased to talk a bit about Brother Floyd as he enters into his eternal glory. It is very good that some of his family members are here. And fortunate also that they were able to see him this past weekend.

Floyd came from a large family that included his six siblings and a half-sister. Born in Elkridge, MD, a few miles outside of Baltimore, and later living in the city, he was never too far from the steam and smoke of the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad, that eventually became part of his DNA. (More about that later). His family moved in 1946 to East Rutherford, NJ, due to his father’s job, and he began school at St. Mary’s. When the family moved back to Baltimore, he completed his junior and senior years at Calvert Hall, graduating in 1951. Upon graduation, he entered Ammendale, due, in no small part, I am sure, to the influence of the Brothers there.

After the novitiate, he moved to Elkins Park, the recently opened scholasticate for the Baltimore District. He received his BA from La Salle College. Floyd’s first assignment took him to the Baltimore District’s last parochial school – St. John’s in Orange, NJ. Whereas most of the Brothers were involved in secondary and higher education, he dealt with 6th, 7th and 8th grade boys. His comments about the school and especially the Community there were always positive. He, himself, certainly got an education in how to live with a small group of Brothers and in a parish situation.

After spending two years at St. John’s, he moved to the Philadelphia Protectory where he would spend a total of nine years over two different tours. His time at La Salle High School in Philadelphia was followed by a total of thirteen years at Hudson Catholic in various teaching positions along with some time in the Newark Archdiocesan school administration.

Floyd first came to Calvert Hall in 1965 for a three year period where his stature gave him added gravitas as Dean of Students. He returned in 1987 and completed his teaching career in 2015, having served as chairman of the religion department and teacher of various religion courses.

I mentioned his DNA being influenced by his nearness to the B and O Railroad, and to say that railroading was in his blood would be to state the obvious. How long he received the various train magazines that he read, cover to cover, I cannot say, but his knowledge of trains, timetables, routes, and his own experiences travelling across the country, especially to California and back, was monumental. A small piece of train track served as a type of paper weight in his room. He also had at least three rail spikes, some engineer hats and belt buckles, numerous books – all reflecting his passion for this hobby.

Floyd also loved opera and classical music. The Saturday afternoon live performances of the opera from New York were a standard part of his weekend.

Several of his colleagues from Calvert Hall have written their reflections on Floyd. I would like to mention a few:

-Floyd, with whom I had a lot of professional/Lasallian conversations, was a mentor to me.

-He was not afraid to say what needed to be said about teaching, courses, student behavior, the school administration.

-He began the school’s Mission drive and was passionate about it.

-In discussing curriculum, he always mentioned that what the kids needed to learn came before what the teachers wanted to teach.

-He was a great conversationalist, and his vocabulary became especially interesting when his laptop did not function properly.

-He had great respect for his colleagues and even stood up once at a faculty meeting and reprimanded other teachers who were talking loudly while a teacher was speaking.

-Another teacher wrote of him that he was also his mentor and the “go-to” person when he had a question or concern.

-Before the internet or Google, he added, there was Floyd.

I think all these comments and others reflect the respect and admiration that both the Brothers and colleagues had for him.

As a Brother in community, Floyd was always faithful to the religious routine and helpful in so many ways as sub-director, bursar, purchaser and other jobs that make up life in a religious community.

Personally, Floyd and I were on opposite sides of the political spectrum. Watching the evening news which we did nearly every evening was for me, a good lesson in restraint. I often had to hold back comments I wanted to make that I knew would get him riled.

Floyd lived a very good religious life. His vocation as a Christian Brother suited him perfectly. All those with whom he came into contact were impressed by his faithfulness, professionalism, no-nonsense approach to education, willingness to help out (especially his Saturday night beans and hot dog dinners) and his overall commitment to John Baptist de LaSalle’s mission.

We pray that the Lord receives him into His eternal presence, and we thank the Lord for Floyd’s seventy-one years of presence among us.

May his soul and the souls of all the faithful departed, rest in peace. Amen

Live, Jesus, in our hearts. Forever.

Brother Floyd Warwick, FSC

Born Anthony Floyd Keeler Warwick in Elkridge MD on 13 June 1933
Entered the Ammendale MD Novitiate in 15 June 1951
Received the Religious Habit and Name Denis Walter on 7 September 1951
Pronounced Perpetual Vows in Ammendale MD on 29 August 1958
Died at De La Salle Hall in Lincroft NJ on 27 June 2022


Thursday, 30 June 2022

Visitation – 3.30pm to 4.30pm
Community Mass with Remembrance – 4.30pm
De La Salle Hall
810 Newman Springs Road
Lincroft NJ 07738

Saturday, 2 July 2022

Mass of Christian Burial – 11.00am
La Salle Hall
6001 Ammendale Road
Beltsville MD 20705

Interment following
De La Salle Cemetery
6001 Ammendale Road
Beltsville MD 20705

Brother Floyd died peacefully at De La Salle Hall after a few weeks in hospice care.

The District of Eastern North America remembers Brother Floyd with memorial liturgies according
to the tradition of the Institute. Through their prayers, communities and individuals entrust
Brother Floyd to God’s loving care.

May he rest in peace.


Elkins Park PA
La Salle College (scholasticate)

Orange NJ
Saint John’s Elementary School

Audubon PA Philadelphia
Protectory for Boys

Wyndmoor PA
La Salle College High School

Baltimore MD
Calvert Hall College High School

Audubon PA
Saint Gabriel’s Hall

Jersey City NJ
Hudson Catholic High School

Jersey City
NJ Columbia University (studies)

Newark NJ
Archdiocese of Newark (administration)

Skaneateles NY
Novitiate (sub-director)

Jersey City NJ
Columbia University (studies)

Newark NJ
Archdiocese of Newark (administration)

Baltimore MD
Calvert Hall College High School

Lincroft NJ
De La Salle Hall (resident)