Saint Raphael Academy, Pawtucket RI

Chris Batista, 16, from South Providence, is an affable sophomore who came to Saint Raphael Academy from San Miguel School in Providence. He learned of the Academy through students who were also San Miguel graduates, and also through his uncle, a filmmaker who creates promotional videos for the Academy.  

Chris credits all his teachers for helping him academically and emotionally. “When I was in middle school, I didn’t have the best grades, but when I came here, I started improving my grades and I started getting on the honor roll. My teachers were always ready to help, and I got to where I am now.”

While a lack of transportation has limited his extracurricular participation, Chris is a member of the boys’ volleyball team this year. He hopes to join basketball and football next year, and maybe even try the Robotics Club.

This summer, he will work for the city of Providence, providing free lunches at parks. At one time, he needed the service himself and now he wants to help others.

Chris aspires to become a film artist like his uncle or work in communications, or possibly “my favorite thing,” he noted—computer science.

He is very grateful for the benefits the St. John Baptist de La Salle Fund provides for him. “I’m happy for my opportunities here. If I didn’t come here, I would have gone to a public school and not be the responsible person that I am today. I know I would have gotten in trouble,” he said. 

Thanks to the Fund, he is getting a solid base on which to stand to achieve his dreams. 

THE ST. JOHN BAPTIST DE LA SALLE FUND seeks to ensure that a Lasallian education is available and accessible to those students most in need. Through an initial program of student sponsorship and a growing program of grants to identified schools, the Fund provides tuition assistance for students to attend a Lasallian school. With your support, we are now providing $845,000 annually for our students in need. All are welcome to join the Brothers and their Partners-in-Mission in this specially dedicated scholarship fund which continues to grow each year.