This Year’s Theme: The Prince of Peace

Meet the Artist Giulia Ibi

Age 14, Freshmen
St. John’s College High School, Washington DC
Ms. Olivia Lussi, Teacher

“I just started going to a Lasallian school, my first year at St. John’s, and I’ve already become a part of the community. For the art, I was inspired by Christmas artwork that’s around my house, like Christmas decorations that I’ve seen before. I wanted to do something traditional and recognizable. I used watercolor and pencil on acid-free watercolor paper. I chose an analogous color scheme because I gravitate toward cool color palettes. Some things I like about being a Lasallian student are the community. The students and teachers are always friendly and welcoming. I love how the school encourages service and togetherness. It’s really made me feel welcome.”

About the Contest

Our long-standing art competition is known throughout the District. Now in its 14th year, the annual DENA Christmas Card contest had many entries from several schools. There were many strong entries for our contemporary theme “The Prince of Peace” but we could only pick one piece of artwork.

A total of 56 entries included middle school students from:

  • Calvert Hall College High School, Towson, MD
  • Central Catholic High School, Pittsburgh, PA
  • De La Salle Collegiate, Warren, MI
  • La Salle Academy, New York, NY
  • La Salle Academy, Philadelphia, PA
  • La Salle Academy and De La Salle Middle School, Providence, RI
  • St. John’s College High School, Washington, DC
  • St. John Paul II Academy, Boca Raton, FL
  • West Catholic Preparatory High School, Philadelphia, PA

Thank you students for your submissions!

And thank you to all our Lasallian Art Teachers and Animators for encouraging your students’ talents and participation!