“Our Lasallian charism is a particular path of life that grows in light of God’s word. This charism calls us to be present and visible in the universal church. The promotion of all Lasallian vocations, including the vocation of the Brother, necessitates a faithful response to the 46th General Chapter’s call to live prophetic audacity rooted in the Gospel.”

Sarah Laitinen

Reporting on behalf of the Lasallian Vocations Thematic Group

“Our connection with the Brothers has its roots in Catholicism. We evangelize every single day for the work that we do. Our core principles are truly rooted in serving, especially the poor, promoting social justice, and fostering inclusive communities.

Beth Bixby

Tides Family Services

“As Lasallians, we particularly cherish the dynamic of the actions of the Holy Spirit to live as persons of deep faith and energetic zeal. This vision is sometimes challenged by 21st century realities that impact it. Ours is a complex world, often dragged down by partisanship and warring ideologies. Young people mirror all of the contradictions of today’s culture…Given this diverse, contentious, and baffling reality, we forge ahead in the spirit of faith and zeal to meet these challenges to evangelize with prophetic hope.”

Christine Estes

Reporting on behalf of the Faith Formation Thematic Group

“My belief is that when kids and families come to La Salle, it becomes the place where they get to know Jesus. Through the relationships with our faculty and staff, I think they feel that love and sense of belonging. From there, children learn to be religious by observing the actions of those teachers.”

Dennis Malloy, FSC

La Salle Academy, Providence, Rhode Island

“The La Salle educational fraternity, uniting both institutional and spiritual dimensions, allows the lay Partners and the Brothers to make the Lasallian charism their own today, to receive and understand it as a gift of the spirit to the Church for the mission, a gift rooted in the Gospel and in the journey lived by John Baptist de La Salle with the first Brothers. Being a member of the La Salle educational fraternity gives meaning to the commitment to the mission and helps us to live it better together.”

Claude Reinhardt, FSC

on the experience of the District of France

“Believe in education’s transformative power, in humanity, and in the good God who inspires us to foster humanism, fraternity, and hope. Education is our non-violent path to impact the political sphere, working for the common good and overcoming exclusion. It is an undeniable act of faith and hope.”

Carlos Gómez, FSC

Vicar General

“We have been building a bridge of association for mission for more than six decades. It is time to cross the bridge to engage in significant shared decision-making to set direction in order to ensure the ongoing vitality of our mission — so that the next generation will know the light of faith and the joy of the gospel.”

Robert Schaefer, FSC