Constituted in the image of the entire Institute, the General Chapter has been, since the time of the Founder, the highest expression of the communion existing among all the Brothers. It perpetuates among them the living fidelity to the proper charism of the Institute.

— Rule 112 of the Brothers of the Christian Schools —

The 46th General Chapter

Building new paths to transform lives

The most important governing assembly of the Institute of the Brothers of the Christian Schools and together with the International Assembly of the Lasallian Educational Mission they constitute the representative assemblies that evaluate, discuss and plan the future of Institute. Guided by the Global Compact on Education and the Declaration on the Lasallian Educational Mission, the General Chapter will define paths to continue transforming lives.

The General Chapter has a direct impact on the life of the Brothers, the governance of the Institute, and the development of the Lasallian Educational Mission which is examined and discussed in depth by the International Assembly of the Lasallian Educational Mission, the result of processes of reflection by hundreds of Lasallians from all over the world. The General Chapter includes 33 Districts of the Institute through consultations with Districts, Brothers, and communities, the International Assembly of the Lasallian Educational Mission, the International Symposium of Young Lasallians, the International Assembly of Young Brothers and the International Strategic Committee.

The 3 Phases of the Chapter

Joy in Thanksgiving

Arrival and Encounter

Boldness in Truth

Reports, Evaluation, and Projection

Strength in Decision

Election of the Government and approval of proposals

DENA Delegates

Brother Michael Andrejko, FSC

Brother Richard Galvin, FSC

Brother Robert Schaefer, FSC

Brother Ernest Miller, FSC, Planning Committee


Beginning May 1, 2022

On May 18, 2022, Brother Armin Luistro was elected Superior General of the Institute of the Brothers of the Christian Schools. He is the 28th successor of St. John Baptist de La Salle.

Congratulations and thanks to our own DENA Brother Robert Schieler who served in the position for eight years since the previous election in 2014. Brother Armin was voted by the 70 Chapter Brothers in absolute silence. As the name of the chosen one was pronounced, all the Brothers present in the Aula Magna–along with those who were not able to vote–had been invited to leave the hall and were able to re-enter to congratulate the newly elected. To accompany the solemn moment, the bells of the Sanctuary of the Generalate joyfully rang for a few minutes. At the end of the day the new Superior General, accompanied by the Brothers and all the collaborators of the Generalate, went to the Sanctuary to pray before the relics of the Founder John Baptist De La Salle. Learn more at the

In subsequent days, Br. Armin would choose his new leadership, appointing Br. Carlos Gomez to the position of Vicar General. Br. Armin would also appoint his General Councilors including Brothers Martin Digilio, Anatole Diretenadji, Ricardo Laguda, Joel Palud, and from our Lasallian Region of North America, Brother Christopher Patino of the San Francisco New Orleans District.


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The DENA delegates, and RELAN delegation, pictured with the new Superior General, Brother Armin.

Superior General Signs Global Compact on Education Commitment

As part of the activities of the 46th General Chapter, Brother Superior General Robert Schieler, FSC, has signed the commitment of the Lasallian Family to Pope Francis’ Global Compact on Education (GCE).

The GCE is a Papal initiative calling upon all of the Church’s educational ministries and institutions to revitalize the character and quality of education for the sake of building a better world.

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Pope to De La Salle Brothers: World needs a new education pact

Pope Francis meets the Brothers of the Christian Schools (FSC) and encourages them to continue evangelizing through education as the world experiences a new “educational emergency”. (Source: Vatican News)

Daily Reflections from Br. Timothy Coldwell, FSC – General Councilor, RELAN

Brother Tim gives us an inside look into the 46th General Chapter. Read his daily reflections on the Regional website.

See more at #FSC46GC

Dates of Importance

May 1

Beginning of the 46th General Chapter
Beginning of the first stage: Joy in thanksgiving

May 12

Start of the third stage
Strength in decision

May 15

Feast of St John Baptist de La Salle

May 18

Election of the Brother Superior General

May 19

Election of the Vicar General and the General Councillors

May 20

Election of General Councillors continues

May 21

Private audience with Pope Francis
Vatican City

May 22

Closing ceremony

Additional Dates of Importance

April 7 Liturgical Feast of the Founder | April 28 Birthday of Brother Robert Schieler | April 30 Feast of the Founder | May 8 Feast of Our Lady of the Star | May 15 Feast of the Founder | May 21 Anniversary of Robert Schieler’s election as Superior General | June 2 Anniversary of the election of Brother Alvaro Rodriguez as Superior General in 2000 | June 28 Anniversary of the reelection of Brother Álvaro Rodríguez as Superior General in 2007

Pre-Chapter Gatherings

International Young Brothers Assembly

by Brother Kyle Mena, FSC

The impact of the pandemic on scheduling the International Young Brothers Assembly (IYBA) was difficult to manage. Yet, many hands make light work and thus many hands have been involved in preparation of the IYBA. A core Preparatory Committee has been planning over the last couple of years. Similarly, through the help of email communication and the ZOOM platform, the international Brother delegates were effective in preparing through regular meetings. With opportunities to take notes, a writing team was selected: Br. Javier Hansen (RELAN), Br. Sebastian Cornejo (RELAL), and Br. Fady Salama (RELEM) which led to a document for the General Chapter. Zoom conversations allowed for several presentations including with the Superior General and a major conversation with Young Lasallian Delegates and Young Brother Delegates. Instead of Young Brothers meeting in person before General Chapter, Br. Dylan Perry (Midwest), Br. Matt Kotek (Midwest), Br. Javier Hansen (SFNO) and Br. Kyle Mena (DENA) will have the opportunity to meet with other Young Brother Delegates after the Chapter and discuss ways of implementing its vision.

DENA Delegate

Brother Kyle Mena, FSC

International Symposium of Young Lasallians

from Mr. Justin Martineau

The fourth International Symposium of Young Lasallians (ISYL), thematically titled “United in Community and Mission—Being Protagonists for the Future!,” evolved from its preceding symposia due to the COVID-19 pandemic. While the main objective of creating strategic directions and lines of action that will guide the Young Lasallian movement throughout the 2020s remained the same, International Council of Young Lasallians reorganized the gathering into a two-year, multi-phase process. Phase one saw delegates—two from each District—participate in synchronous sessions and Focus Group Discussions online. Utilizing online learning tools (such as Zoom and Google Classroom), videos, and other print (digital) resources, delegates engaged in a proposal writing process centered around the four areas of priority which emerged from the Third International Symposium and were affirmed by the 45th General Chapter and Circular 470 “Towards the year 2021: Living Together Our Joyful Mission.” The delegates ratified four proposals, one for each of Culture of Vocations, Service with the Poor, Communications and Networking, and Sustainable Organizational Growth. Following May’s 46th General Chapter, one delegate from each District will gather in Rome in mid-November 2022 for the second phase of the Symposium. This in-person gathering will craft the lines of action and areas of collaboration for the Young Lasallian movement based off of the proposals and the results of the 46th General Chapter.

DENA Delegate

Ms. Julia Turner Chair
DENA Young Lasallian Council

DENA Delegate

Mr. Justin Martineau
Associate Director, DENA Mission & Ministry

International Mission Assembly

from Ms. Maryann Donohue-Lynch

When the theme for the third International Mission Assembly (AIMEL), held March 28-April 8, was announced as Identity-Vitality and Transformation – Together We Make it Possible it provided both the focus to consider who we are as Lasallians in our world today and the inspiration to dream about who the Holy Spirit is calling us to be. When the COVID pandemic struck, it was no surprise that those planning for III AIMEL created a response that was practical and innovative. Through the many months of virtual meetings, the work for the Assembly progressed and resulted in the nine Proposals that will be presented at the General Chapter.

“It was a joy to be with other delegates to the mission assembly for my region and from around the world,” said Brother James Martino, FSC, DENA delegate to the Assembly. “As a middle aged Brother Representative it was a unique opportunity to be with Lasallian women and men engaged in this educational movement, and to understand the international richness and flavors of this educational mission. Our collective experiences articulated a vision of how this mission especially for those on the margins goes forward into the future. Whether the small discussion groups working to understand the cultural differences, our workgroups creating and offering proposals for future direction, or our ending discussions on visioning the future it was a rich experience of learning from each other and embracing the challenge of our future as we envisioned how to best go forward in association.”

Experiencing the final gathering of Phase 1 in Rome was a privilege however what was striking was the care and concern that CIAMEL took for the delegates who could not attend in person by creating ways in which all delegates could interact in a meaningful way through both synchronous and asynchronous activities.

During this entire III AIMEL process, I was particularly grateful for the space created for prayerful reflection. Calling upon Jesus’ Parable of The Sower, we were reminded through ritual, song and silence, that the work of the Sower is to participate in God’s mission for all of creation. As a Lasallian family we tend the soil and the plants through our educational mission, perhaps never knowing the sweet fruit those plants will bear but trusting in the work of the Holy Spirit that our labors will be transformative in the lives of those entrusted to our care. I look forward with anticipation to the second phase of III AIMEL as we prayer together and by association for an inspired and successful General Chapter.

DENA Delegate

Ms. Maryann Donohue-Lynch

DENA Delegate

Br. James Martino, FSC

DENA Delegate

Mr. Alan Weyland

AIMEL 2020