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Each Sunday Advent Reflection consists of:

  • A three part retreat session

  • Words of the Founder, Saint John Baptist de La Salle

  • The Gospel Reading in the context of DLS Method of Interior Prayer

  • Related song and video


Share your Advent prayers and requests with us at #AdventPrayer and let us pray as one Lasallian family!

The four weeks of Advent provides a sacred time in which we are invited to be present and mindful to the promptings of the Holy Spirit in our lives as we prepare to celebrate the holy feast of Christmas. Advent beckons us to cultivate and deepen the sense of remembering that we are in the holy presence of God, that as disciples of Jesus Christ we are to work to bring about the reign of God, we are to be people of mercy and justice and that we must “stay awake” and be vigilante in our hope-filled actions. No time for slumber!  As Brother Dennis Malloy, DENA Visitor, reminds us in his Advent Letter, the world needs our ‘Advent heart’ to bring Christ to the world! So, let’s continue to awaken ourselves and the world with our faith and zeal!

“Stay Awake” is the 2016 Advent Retreat theme, and we offer Saint John Baptist de La Salle’s Method of Interior Prayer as a guide for personal reflection based on the Sunday Gospel Reading. The Method of Interior Prayer is a spiritual gift to us from our founder, for it invites us to slow down and spend time aware of the presence of God and of the actions of the Holy Spirit as the “Divine Disturber” our lives.