Welcome from Brother Thomas Casey, FSC

Lord, in times like these, We need a savior!

Dear Brothers and Lasallians,

Advent is challenging. We are invited to experience it both as a season and as a practice.  Let us address the challenge together!

Together with Dennis and Rich, I encourage you to pause to consider the message of the days leading to Christmas. As educators we are steeped in hope as we expend our energy and tap our creativity to assist students in fulfilling their potential. Let us, as people of faith, consider our own potential as children of God and consequently replenish our reservoir of hope.

Our District has prepared a short video (less than twelve minutes) to enhance our mindfulness of Advent. In it Dr. Paul Dinter, who has taught theology at Manhattan College, shares some insights about Advent and the challenge of hope it brings with it. To accompany his presentation Dr. Dinter prepared some questions for discussion and reflection, included at the bottom the page.

We invite you (whether alone or with a group) to view the video which will be distributed in the Weekly Update to the Brothers on Wednesday, November 29 and available on the District website (www.fscDENA.org) by Friday, 31 November. Dennis and Rich join me in encouraging you to face the challenge of Advent. May the resources we offer to you be catalysts for reflection, prods for discussion, and reasons for an enriched experience of Advent.

Fraternally, with prayers and best wishes,

Brother Thomas Casey, FSC
Auxiliary Visitor