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Dear Lasallian Family,

Recently, the Institute issued a new document, Declaration on the Lasallian Mission: Challenges, Convictions, and Hopes. This document is in direct response to Proposition #17 of the 45th General Chapter that called for a visionary document for our times. The purpose of the declaration is to serve as a starting point for an ongoing reflection on the educational mission that unites Lasallians worldwide.

“The message of Jesus Christ is the source for Lasallian education: it includes love, forgiveness, truth, mercy, a preference for those who are excluded, the value of life, solidarity and generosity.”
(Declaration pp64)

Forty years ago, the Institute pointed out that the educational service of the poor is inseparable from the promotion of justice and today “when opting with humanization and social justice as an inspiration, the educational result is essential. Neutrality is not possible.” (Declaration pp76)

At the beginning of the International Lasallian Days for Peace 2020, Superior General, Brother Robert Schieler, FSC offered this reflection:

“As Lasallians concerned for the wellbeing of our sisters and brothers and dedicated to helping everyone, especially those who are poor, to live life to the fullest we know that there can be no peace without social justice. We are called to be proactively involved in concrete actions that free people from all kinds of oppression. We Lasallians must continue to accompany those who live on the margins and peripheries and join them in their quest for justice.”

Inspired by the Lasallian charism of faith and zeal lived out in the Lasallian mission of education you are invited to participate in the journey of advocating for a just world where all of God’s children are seen as equal, treated with dignity, and have full access to an education.



Maryann Donohue-Lynch
Associate Executive Director
Office for Mission and Ministry

Education for Justice Program

The District of Eastern North America has partnered with the Education for Justice Program (EJP) of the Ignatian Solidarity Network. This partnership provides you with access to a wide variety of resources in the areas of:

  • Catholic Social Tradition Principles
  • Social Justice Topics
  • Book and Film Discussion Guides
  • Retreat Topics
  • A Varity of Toolboxes such as the Peace Toolbox

If you are interested in participating in the DENA – EJP partnership please contact Maryann Donohue-Lynch for information.

Social Justice Calendar

DENA Action Item

Service with the Poor Through Education

To continue to safeguard the rights of our children and the young, we ensure a culture of non-violence that educates for and cultivates peacemaking, advocacy and respect for the God given dignity of human persons and God’s creation.

DENA Directional Statement

Evangelization and Catechesis

There is an urgency today to “set on fire” the Lasallian Catholic evangelical mission within each of our educational communities to do as Jesus did by joyfully announcing the radical Good News that God loves us all and calls us to cooperate in the building of God’s Kingdom.

VISION 2020+


Develop and adopt an advocacy role for DENA within its mission to be especially for the poor.

  • Encourage attention to Catholic social teaching in curriculum and service activities.
  • Assist Lasallians to learn and practice Catholic social teaching as a catalyst for advocacy and systemic change.

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