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In order to reach a true sustainability, we need to think beyond the borders of our immediate surroundings and analyze planet Earth as the common home that we must protect. As Lasallians we are called to work to “unite all the human family in the search for a comprehensive and sustainable development, because we know that things can change”

Lasallian Reflection 3: Lasallians Without Limits


  1. Care for Creation a Funding Priority
    Support environmental stewardship/ Funding the EPA and the Department of the Interior appropriations should be maintained or increased based on FY 2018 levels. Support should be given to bipartisan carbon emissions legislation that addresses climate change.
  2. Global Fragility Act
    A bill to combat international extremism by addressing global fragility and violence and stabilizing conflict-affected areas, and for other purposes.

All suggested legislative actions are in alignment with the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops.