Celebrating the Patron Saint of Teachers Saint John Baptist de La Salle


from the De La Salle Brothers of the Philippines

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¡Hoy La Salle somos tú y yo!⭐️
🎉Celebremos juntos el 70º aniversario de la proclamación de San Juan Bautista de La Salle como Patrono de todos los educadores. #DeLaSalleMay15 #SomosLaSalle #GrandesCosasSonPosibles

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John Baptist de La Salle was born the first son of wealthy parents living in France over 300 years ago. Born at Reims, John Baptist de La Salle received the tonsure at age eleven and was named Canon of the Reims Cathedral at sixteen.

Though he had to assume the administration of family affairs after his parents died, he completed his theological studies and was ordained a priest on April 9, 1678.Two years later he received a doctorate in theology. Meanwhile he became tentatively involved with a group of rough and barely literate young men in order to establish schools for poor boys. Founder's Day - May 15 - #DeLaSalleMay15

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De La Salle pioneered in programs for training lay teachers, Sunday courses for working young men, and one of the first institutions in France for the care of delinquents. Worn out by austerities and exhausting labours, he died at Saint Yon near Rouen early in 1719 on Good Friday, only weeks before his sixty-eighth birthday.

John Baptist de La Salle was a pioneer in founding training colleges for teachers, reform schools for delinquents, technical schools, and secondary schools for modern languages, arts, and sciences. His work quickly spread through France and, after his death, continued to spread across the globe. Founder's Day - May 15 - #DeLaSalleMay15

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We're celebrating Founder's Day with prayer on Friday May 15 #DeLaSalleMay15. You can find the Zoom information on our website under the Founder's Day section! Join us! ...

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During De La Salle's time, most of the people were extremely poor: peasants in the country, and slum dwellers in the towns. Only, a few could send their children to school; most children had little hope for the future. Moved by the plight of the poor who seemed so “far from salvation” either in this world or the next, he determined to put his own talents and advanced education at the service of the children “often left to themselves and badly brought up.” To be more effective, he abandoned his family home, moved in with the teachers, renounced his position as Canon and his wealth, and so formed the community that became known as The Brothers of the Christian Schools. Founder's Day - May 15 - #DeLaSalleMay15 ...

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