Dear Lasallian Colleagues,

Greetings! On behalf of Brother Dennis Lee, Visitor, I invite you to join us in our 6th Annual DENA Advent Haiti Appeal. This year we will continue to have special projects for the St. Jean Baptist de La Salle College. Due to your generous contributions over the past five years this school continues to thrive and continues to serve as source of great hope for the local community.

This year, the Brothers were able to add a 10th grade to the school and they have plans for an additional grade each coming year. La Salle Academy in Providence, RI, will be working directly with the school in Port au Prince on several projects, and we thank them for their ongoing support and generosity.

DENA Haiti Appeal 2018: The Island of Tortue & Northern Haiti

Off the northern coast of Haiti sits the island of Tortuga.

There are seven Lasallian schools on the island, with a mixture of primary, secondary, and both. Two schools are located along the south coast and the other five in the highlands (along the ridge). Many schools have sessions in the morning and in the afternoon. The total student population in the seven Lasallian schools on the island is 2,686 as of October 2018

On behalf of Brother Dennis Lee, and at the invitation of the Brother Visitor of South Mexico-Antilles District, Alan Weyland visited the island this past October and reported back:

“The island as a whole is incredibly beautiful but poverty is rampant. There are a few vehicles but most people either walk or use a motorcycle to get around. You can contract a boat to move you along the coast (like we did) but few can afford that transportation. The population lives along the south coast or along the long ridge of the island. Few live on the north coast. There is no electrical grid.

“Any electricity is solar powered batteries. The solar powered batteries at the Brothers’ community provide basic electricity to two schools adjacent to the community as well as the community. There is no water or sewer system. People walk a good distance to get what I believe was well water.

“Any other water is collected rain water (e.g. for showers). You can imagine some of the health issues that result from this water issue. The population is dominated by women and children but there are men. I didn’t hear about any major economic activity or observe any. Given almost everything has to be brought in from the mainland everything is expensive by local standards. Based on observation and what I heard at the schools I would estimate at least 90% would live in poverty and hunger is major issue for the children in the schools.”

During the conversations that Alan Weyland had with the Brothers in Haiti, several projects were determined to be of importance in assisting the continued efforts to provide a Lasallian education on the island of Tortue. I invite you to consider supporting a project or two listed here on this page as part of your Advent activities. These projects come directly from the Brothers in Haiti and will have the greatest impact on the educational communities. Thank you for all that you do and for your consideration of this opportunity to make a transformative difference for our very poorest neighbors. Live Jesus in our hearts!

Have a blessed Advent,
Maryann Donohue-Lynch
Associate Executive Director
Office for Mission and Ministry

If you are interested in having a presentation on the educational ministries in Haiti, please email me at

Advent Haiti Appeal 2018 Projects

While any gift makes a difference, a gift of $2,000 would help provide the following:

Island of Tortue

Sacré-Coeur aux Plaines,College Saint-Miguel Febres C., Notre-Dame de Montry and Saint- Louis Marie Grignon de Monfort

New roofing for two classrooms
Marie-Mediatrice. La Vallée

Exterior wall painting and for food program to feed children
Saint-Sauver, Mahé

Desks and chairs
Notre-Dame des Palmistes

Port de Paix
Northern Haiti


Exterior and interior painting of classrooms

Superior General Robert Schieler FSC Pastoral Visit to Haiti

Your Support Helps These Schools in Haiti


  1. Marie-Mediatrice, La Vallée 
  2. Saint-Sauver, Mahé 
  3. Notre-Dame de Montry
  4. Saint-Louis Marie Grignon de Monfort
  5. College Saint-Miguel Febres & Notre-Dame des Palmistes
  6. Sacré-Coeur aux Plaines
  7. Saint-Joseph & Notre-Dame-De-Fátima, Port-de-Paix

Student scholarships in Haiti are the greatest need

New roofing at Marie-Mediatrice, La Vallée

Exterior wall painting at Saint-Sauver, Mahé

Food program to feed children at Saint-Sauver, Mahé

Desks and chairs at Notre-Dame des Palmistes

Earthquake damage in one of the classrooms at