Pray for Those We’ve Lost

As we have all been doing our very best in our social distancing efforts to stem the tide of the COVID-19, this pervasive global pandemic has hit close to home, and we have lost Lasallians due to COVID-19. Just as we celebrate together, we as a Lasallian family mourn together too. Let us remember our Lasallian family in our prayer intentions.

Mr. James Acres
Educational Support Staff at St. Katherine Drexel School

Mr. Dominick J. Brancato
Graduate of Bishop Loughlin Memorial High School – Died May 21, 2020

Mr. Kevin Patrick Brooks
Former Christian Brother, graduate of the Barrytown Novitiate – Died April 3, 2020 in Brooklyn, NY

Br. Kevin (Aquinas) Brutcher, FSC
Graduate of the Barrytown Novitiate – Died March 11, 2020 in Minneapolis, MN

Brother Kevin John Cahill, S.S.P.
St. Peter’s Class of 1955

Mr. John Steven Ferrari
St. Peter’s Class of 1970 – Died April 10, 2020

Mr. Benjamin Hirschmann
2014 Alumnus of De La Salle Collegiate – Died March 31, 2020

Mr. Anthony Iraci
St. Peter’s Class of 1989 and father of a student

Mr. Don Maloney
Former Christian Brother, Christopher Donald, of the legacy LINE District – Died April 14, 2020

Mr. Terence Sweeney Bernard Matthews
Father of Terrence Matthews Hudson Catholic Faculty
Grandfather of Katherine Boyle ’18 and Liam Matthews, HC Faculty – Died May 6,2020

Ms. Maryann Milano
Former Art and Religion Teacher at St. Peter’s

Msgr. Joseph W. Murray
Alumnus of La Salle College High School and La Salle University

Ms. Marguerite Roberts
Sister of Br. Augustine Roberts, FSC, who passed in 1968 – Died April 4, 2020

Ms. Henrietta Stancil
“Miss Hennie” – Mother of George Jackson – Died April 28, 2020

Mr. Patrick Tansey
Grandfather of St. Peter’s senior Patrick Tansey

Mr. Harry Walker
Father of St. Peter’s senior Lear Walker

If someone associated with your ministry has passed due to COVID-19, please consider sharing their name with us and how they are connected to your Lasallian ministry so that we may list them here. We will ask our DENA family to pray for them.

Kindly send the information by email to and we will add the name and information to this webpage