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Prayers & Reflections from Our Lasallian Family


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Read below to see a reflection recently shared by West Catholic Prep Theology Dept Chair, Brother David Deradoorian, FSC regarding teaching during Covid-19. “I believe that Jesus the Christ continues to be made manifest in the hearts of young people. I have seen it throughout my time as a high school theology teacher, but I have seen it acutely during these few weeks of quarantine. I’ve noticed as I Zoom teach 155 teenagers daily that the Beatitudes of Jesus are fundamental guiding principles for their lives. I’ve seen classmates reach out to classmates struggling with mental health – this is to be merciful. I’ve heard of students offering to cook dinner for their parents who are both at their wit’s end trying to either navigate unemployment or work online – this is to be pure of heart. I’ve learned that, despite an uncertain future, faith in God for my students remains strong – this is to be poor in spirit. I’ve read of students’ incredible stories of suffering and feeling alone. I’ve seen tears on our zoom calls – this is to mourn. I’ve experienced my own students asking me how I am fairing in all of the chaos – this is to be meek. So, while things may appear dismal and we may feel alone, we are united by the truth and conviction of God.”

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“Be Not Afraid”
Prayer for Brothers and Lasallians in Community,
provided by Br. Lawrence Goyette, FSC – Auxiliary Visitor