Tumba is a very rural location where the Brothers conduct a primary school for 215 children and a secondary school for about 170 youth. Tumba is a remote agricultural area, and most of the families practice subsistence agriculture to feed their families, often resulting in extreme poverty.  The schools are gratuitous to provide academics to the otherwise educationally excluded. The program for girls has expanded over the years as girls in this area generally do not receive an education. This is life-changing for the girls, their families, and their community.” 

-Sister Jacqueline, the Program Director

Lasallian Women of Hope Expands Their Program in the Democratic Republic of Congo

Lasallian Women of Hope is pleased to announce the awarding of a grant to the Lasallian Women Advocates for Change Tumba Community in the Democratic Republic of Congo so they may expand the Lasallian Women of Hope Pad Project that was established there in 2019.

The Lasallian Women of Hope project established in the Tumba educational community in 2019 served 24 girls now as part of a WASH (water, sanitation and hygiene) project, the program has expanded to provide the resources to 50 girls from the elementary school, 30 girls from the secondary school and 73 girls from the empowerment and vocational programs.

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“In the international arena, the mobilization of women to denounce situations that hinder fairness and respect for their fundamental rights becomes increasingly evident, as they demand the necessary conditions to guarantee their full human development. It cannot be ignored that it is necessary to redefine the way people live together, the ways in which we collaborate and connect in all areas of our social life considering the gender issue: work, family, academic, culture.” —Declaration on the Lasallian Educational Mission 2.2.1

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To help address girls’ access to education globally, Lasallian Women of Hope is assisting actively in Kenya, Papua New Guinea, South Africa, Haiti, and the Congo. These projects help address obstacles young girls experience in accessing quality Lasallian education and demonstrate positive action towards the fulfillment of SDG#4. We have set a fundraising goal of $30,000 to support Lasallian Women of Hope programs, and contributions from all RELAN schools will enable us to achieve our goal. This is one pragmatic way Lasallian students can change their good intentions of an inclusive and equitable quality education into a lived reality for young girls. We thank you for your engagement in this global Lasallian initiative.


Learn why the Lasallian Women of Hope initiative is so important for girls and women

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“Our goal is to provide monthly funds…so that personal female hygiene items, primarily sanitary napkins, can be purchased by the school nurse and distributed as needed to the many female students. This will allow the girls to attend school and keep up much more effectively with their schoolwork.” 

Dr. Rhonda Hazell, Haiti Project Coordinator, Asst. Prof. La Salle University

College Saint Jean Baptist de La Salle


Pad Project: Hygiene and Education for the Advancement of Women


“ Lasallian Women of Hope is a powerful program which has transformed the lives of many young women in our college. The program has helped our girls have some basic things which were beyond their reach. We are very grateful to the program and those who contribute toward this life-changing activity.”

Brother Oscar Okoth, FSC, principal, Mwangaza College

“ I am so grateful for this program as it not only helps me to stay in school but it helps me to know I am not alone. I feel supported in my education.”

Female Student

Mwangaza College


Pad Project: Programming for the Advancement of Women


“Almost everything in the package was new to them so I demonstrated how to use those things. I could see that they were thinking and wishing that they could be able to use such things every day in their lives, but they are unable to do that. That really touched me, and I was silently in tears.”

Karen Mondo, teacher, Hobe Primary School

Lasallian Family of Papua New Guinea


Pad Project: Hygiene Hampers, 2022 Women’s Symposium, Lasallian Women Advocates for Change


“ To be a Lasallian Woman of Hope is a window into the lives of others and gives a glimpse of how we can be an instrument of hope and change in those lives.”

Mary Hyam

Tsholofelo Community Squatter Camp


Pad Project: Sewing Project, Early Childhood Development Program & Teacher Training


“ Thank you for everything you do for us. May God bless you and give to you whatever you lack. Live Jesus in our hearts, the daughters of Saint La Salle.”

17 female students, Tumba Community, Democratic Republic of the Congo

Tumba Community


Pad Project: Programming for the Advancement of Women


Get Involved During the 2020-2021 academic year, the Lasallian Region of North America (RELAN) highlights LWH as part of a worldwide effort to provide inclusive, equitable, and quality education for all. The campaign, Education: Let’s Build Our Future Together, was developed by the Institute of the Brothers of the Christian Schools’ Solidarity and Development Secretariat network. The campaign encourages Lasallian schools to host classes, financially support and energetically promote the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goal 4 (SDG 4) to “ensure universal access to inclusive and equitable quality education.”