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Lasallian is a way of life–the educational mission of the Christian Brothers has touched the hearts of many, and we want to know how it’s touched your life. Your Lasallian stories and experiences, in your words. What story do you have to tell? Send us your stories, pictures, video, whatever tells your Lasallian story!

Buttimer – A Lasallian Formation Experience

August 25th, 2019|0 Comments

Lasallians Unfiltered – At eighty-seven years young, Br. Charles Gresh, FSC, continues to be active on campus and in the community at La Salle University. As of this past summer, he also may well be the eldest freshman in the history of the Buttimer Institute for Lasallian Studies, an intensive immersion learning experience that was held at Manhattan College. The institute is a three-year course of studies that runs for two weeks each summer “Such an assembly produced a blend of ages, experiences [...]

Lasallian on Leadership: Actions and Relationships Define Leaders – Mr. Matthew Keough

September 19th, 2018|0 Comments

Lasallians Unfiltered – Mr. Matthew Keough will be starting his fourth year as principal at Christian Brothers Academy in DeWitt, NY. Keough studies and writes about leadership, emphasizing that it's the verb, the action, that's important. “When we focus on leadership as a verb and not a title or noun, we realize that leadership takes place each day at all levels of an organization...” published August 28, 2018, - Written by Stan Linhorst School resumes after Labor Day for tens of thousands of [...]

A Tree Grows in the Bronx – The Lasallian Community at Bedford Park

August 21st, 2018|0 Comments

Lasallians Unfiltered – The Lasallian Family is preparing for the 300th or Tercentenary Celebration of the Death of De La Salle and the 30th anniversary of the Lasallian Volunteers in 2019. Since the first announcement of these events, all levels of our family have been encouraged to celebrate creatively. The Bedford Park Community, involved so intimately in the development of the Volunteers over the years, is celebrating by telling their founding story via a youtube video by Al Cassidy,- Bedford Park: A Tree [...]

  • Quamiir Trice (left) and student Sherman Jones

From Crack to Calculus – St. Gabriel’s Hall Grad Triumphs as a Teacher – Mr. Quamiir Trice

July 20th, 2018|0 Comments

Lasallians Unfiltered – Mr. Quamiir Trice, once a court adjudicated youth at St. Gabriel's Hall, returned to the school, now a Philadelphia-based educator to teach mathematics and inspire his students by drawing on his experiences. “We have a quote all through St. Gabe’s that says ‘enter to learn, leave to serve,’” Trice said. “Coming back here is a dream come true.” published July 11, 2018, - Written by Gina Christian When he arrived at St. Gabriel’s Hall in Audubon nine years ago, Quamiir [...]

Manhattan Sophomore Battled Homelessness on Road to NCAA

January 12th, 2018|0 Comments

Lasallians Unfiltered – From homeless, to finding a home at Manhattan College... “I was lost. I was pretty much alone...Sometimes I just don’t believe it. I’ll wake up and I can’t believe I’m here...” published by the New York Post - December 9, 2017 - Written by Howie Kussoy The wheels went up. Some seats went back. New York slowly faded from view. The Manhattan Jaspers were sailing over the Atlantic Ocean to the Basketball Hall of Fame Belfast Classic in Northern Ireland, and Pauly [...]

I Knew I Couldn’t Defy my Wife’s Alzheimer’s. I Learned to Embrace it Instead – Mr. James Ruck

April 1st, 2017|0 Comments

Lasallians Unfiltered – Mr. James Ruck, most recently serving the mission with the Lasallian Volunteers, shares his struggles and acceptance of his wife, Gail's battle with Alzheimer's, and how faith shapes his day to day perspective and loving actions. “God gives us the cross but also the help to carry it.” published in the March 20, 2017 issue of America Magazine “Alzheimer’s.” The dreaded diagnosis given to my wife in 2010 landed like a death sentence. Not just for Gail but for us, for our [...]